With everyone indoors and summer right around the corner, usage is spiking—and that means giving away more money to PG&E. 

Here are three incentives to go solar:

  • If you finance your system and sign by May 31st, your first 7 months are FREE! You’ll enjoy the benefits of solar while skipping the bill for the highest usage period.
  • Cash in on the 26% Federal Tax Rebate for this year—that’s thousands of dollars.
  • Enjoy a limited state refund when you purchase a battery backup. Read more here

While you’re working from home—teaching ABCs to one kid and geometry to another (wishing you’d paid more attention to your high school math teacher!)—you shouldn’t be worried about your electricity bill.

If you’d like to discuss your options or get your questions answered, one of our solar specialists would be happy to arrange a virtual chat. There’s never been a better time to go solar—start saving money now. 


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