Peppered throughout Contra Costa County are unincorporated communities that keep a small-town feel despite being relatively close to the Bay Area megalopolis.  Among these is a place we call Byron.

Springs and Onward In Contra Costa

Byron was a popular vacation destination for silver screen stars of the turn of the 20th century.  Celebrities of yesteryear would flock to what was called Byron Hot Springs to bask in the natural sulphuric salt waters and lounge in the glamorous resort.

Today, Byron is no longer a bustling tourist hub.  Our community of just over 1,000 residents enjoys the peace and quiet that comes with forgotten fame and a rural landscape.  We are not ones to look back longingly at the past — we enjoy each day for what it is.  And with an average of 261 days of sunshine per year, each day is pretty beautiful. 

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Big Savings With Solar

Many of our neighbors have taken advantage of our clear sunny weather by converting their homes to solar energy.  Shiny black panels have been popping up on local rooftops for years now, as people have been choosing to move away from relying on the public grid.  Widespread power outages have become an all-too-common inconvenience.  Having a self-sufficient power source to keep a home or business lit, secured, and connected gives a great feeling of stability.  When solar panels are paired with a battery storage system, outages become as outdated as silent films.

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For many residents, the deciding factor to switch to solar is the fluctuating PG&E rates.  With solar panels, an electric bill can be reduced or even eliminated entirely.  Assistance is available to finance the up-front installation costs.  And with local and federal tax incentives, the savings that come with solar power are huge.  On average, Californians pay off their solar panels within eight years, and enjoy little-to-no utility costs after that.  For some Byron residents, this reduced energy bill has meant the difference between staying in their long-time home and downsizing in a new community.  That’s more refreshing than a geothermal bath!

Helping You Go Solar In Byron

At Synergy Power, helping folks switch to solar is our passion.  We’ve been in the business for over 16 years and are dedicated to making our customers feel confident about their decision from start to finish.  Our team is qualified to help you through each step of the process from surveying and installation design to electric connection and maintenance.  

If you are curious about how solar can work for you, contact us.  We’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

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