Nights are Getting Colder. Should I Get a Space Heater?

“They’re inexpensive and convenient!” Actually, NOT. Space heaters use an average of 1500 watts of energy. So? So if you run one space heater for a day at .23¢ per kilowatt-hour (PG&E’s going rate), you’ll spend $3 per day. Not bad? That’s $90 per month…from now on…that that little gizmo adds to your already hefty monthly bill. Most of us have rented a car on vacation, but they’re not typically our main means of getting around. They’re situational, temporary, and only justifiable when the convenience outweighs the cost.

Comparing a central heating system with space heaters is similar. The data we checked indicates that central heat costs about 43% of what electric space heaters use to warm the same area. So? So Solar. We can help you figure out how much electricity you wish you could use without wearing a blanket as a cape all Fall, Winter, & Spring, and give you the superpower you want without the cape…or the cost.

Daylight Savings = Your Savings

Daylight Savings begins at 2am November 4th. More sun in the morning, but less warmth in the evening. Remember: Solar runs on light, not heat. You can have both. Get a free analysis before we turn back the clocks next month, and we’ll give you an extra $100* for the extra hour. That’s $100 an hour; a little something to fall back on. Call 866.447.9637 or email

How to fit a round peg in a square hole-
by Janiece Ruiz

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