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PG&E Power Outages: Be Ready

How are you preparing for the forced power outages that PG&E will be providing (and that you’ll be paying for)? Here’s an idea with a nice longer-term solution: upgrade to solar power and a backup generator, and leave PG&E’s drama behind.

What Makes Solar Power an Upgrade?

For many reasons, changing your electric provider from PG&E to solar energy is a substantial upgrade. Here are a few reasons why:

Solar power is a renewable energy source.

That sounds like a “save the Earth” type of reason (which it is), but it also means constant energy for you. Solar power works with your current electricity provider, so you don’t have to worry about lighting your home or business at night either. And, unlike PG&E, the sun doesn’t force power outages.

Solar power reduces electricity bills.

Why do we say “reduces” and not “eliminates”? Solar power works with the current service provider, giving you as much electricity for your home or business as you want. Still, most consumers choose to stay connected to the grid. Because of this, they pay a small monthly fee to continue to use electrical service. Still, your energy bill will drop to almost nothing.

Solar power maintenance costs are low.

There aren’t any moving parts, so there is no wear and tear to worry about. Solar panels need to be kept clean to work properly, but that can be done once or twice a year. Most reliable solar panel manufacturers provide warranties for 12-25 years, and if any cables, inverters, or other associated parts need maintenance, it will likely be years after the initial installation.

Solar power investments pay off.

Many worry about the initial costs of installing a solar power system. Maybe this is because they think about energy payments in monthly terms. If that’s your concern, try this exercise: Add up your PG&E electricity bills for the last year and multiply by 20. (Twenty years is generally the shorter length of a solar panel system warranty, and PG&E costs will continue to rise like the hot sun on a California summer morning). Then, compare that number with a quote for solar panel installation.

After comparing those numbers, consider that solar panels:

  • increase the value of your home,
  • are guaranteed for 12-25 years,
  • and they help reduce your overall electricity costs.

The math really makes sense.

Dealing With PG&E Shutoffs

Because of the increasing amount of electrical shutoffs by PG&E, more of our customers are looking into backup systems that work with solar energy. If you are interested in this option, we would be happy to discuss with you how to create a system that ensures that you have power when you need it – even if PG&E is not supplying it to you.

Upgrade to Solar Power

Now is the time to go solar. Tax credits await you, meaning government-provided discounts on installation costs, but the full 30% credit ends at the end of 2019. Whether PG&E’s management becomes more unstable and unpredictable in the coming months and years or not, you can choose to have a backup source, and know that your energy is coming from a clean, reliable source: the Sun.

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