Solar Power for Sacramento CA

Whether you call it “Sactown”, “River City”, the “Camellia Capital of the World”, or the “Big Tomato”, there are many reasons why over half a million people are proud to call Sacramento home.

What’s not to love about Sacramento?

Our fair city has drawn a lot of renewed attention in recent years for being an all-around great place to live.  It’s hard to disagree when we seem to have the best of all worlds.  Homeowners love that California dreams can be an affordable reality here.  Foodies relish our Farm-to-Fork culture paired with urban local brews and wineries.  And where else but the City of Trees can you experience the beautiful colors of fall foliage while maintaining a Mediterranean climate? 

This heritage runs deep, and we treasure our living history.  Amidst the booming professional developments are relics from an innovative past.  Giant locomotives housed in the Railroad Museum and the monument honoring the Pony Express serve as reminders that this capital city earned its gold star by welcoming the future, full steam ahead.

Have it All by Going Solar

We’re still continuing that spirit of progress in every aspect of city life.  One of our favorite ways, of course, is through the transition away from expensive rudimental energy sources to sustainable solar power.  Solar energy modules not only harness an eco-friendly renewable resource but, when paired with an optional battery back-up, they are unaffected by brownouts or blackouts.

Sacramento has the distinction of being the “Sunniest City on Earth” during the month of July, according to the World Data Center for Meteorology.  With an average of 285 days of sunshine per year, we really have struck gold.  And while we can’t say you’ll make a quick million, with local, state, and federal tax incentives, coupled with SMUD’s SolarShares program or PG&E’s Net Energy Metering program, there’s certainly a hefty savings available for your next electric bill.

Make Synergy Power your Future

We at Synergy Power are committed to helping you make the move to solar.  Our team specializes in creating custom solar arrays and battery back-ups for residences and businesses alike.  Our goal is to help you reduce or even eliminate your electric bill using a system optimized for your needs and budget.  Just imagine: this summer, you could spend less time worrying about your air-conditioning costs and more time debating between Leatherby’s and Gunther’s.  California begins here, and your switch to solar begins with Synergy Power.  Give us a call today to learn more.

Interested in Going Solar?

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