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You’ve got energy goals and we want to help you achieve them. This means we offer a wide variety of purchase and lease options to fit your unique solar needs. We believe that making the switch to solar should be easy, not complicated – which means we take care of every aspect of each installation ourselves. No subcontractors.

Has your household income tripled in the last 18 years? Utility rates have sky rocketed in the last 18 years. In 2001, PG&E had 2 tiers, and the most expensive summer time rate was 13.3 cents per kWh. In 2018, that top tier is 40.3 cents for the same E1 rate. That means it’s tripled in 18 years. Solar, on the other hand, has dropped in cost. When we started installing solar in 2004, the average cost $9.00 per kWh. Today it’s less than half that, plus the government will pay a 30% tax credit!

Solar will save you money every month. Many homeowners are shocked at the $20,000 price tag of solar but. what they fail to realize, after a tax credit of $6,000 and financing that remaining $14,000, you’ll save money every month by going solar. Guess what happens when rates increase, you save more money! Going solar means you get to lock in your energy costs and the massive rate hikes stop! 

Leave a Legacy

What will you teach your grandchildren? Use all the energy you want, pay as little as you can, and watch out only for yourself? Of course not! Going solar can lower your energy costs today. The average homeowner has a cash system paid for in 7 years. That means, instead of paying the utility for the next 7 years, you recouped your solar investment. Beyond that, installing solar is a clear statement, “I’m not willing to burn fossil fuels, even ‘natural gas’. I want clean renewable energy. I want to leave a better world for the next generation. I believe in doing my part.” What will your legacy be? Go solar, save money, leave a legacy. 

Why did you stop renting and buy a house? Stop renting energy, invest into your future, not the utilities, buy solar. You made a smart choice to buy a house, so why is the thought of adding a system with no moving parts so scary? Your kitchen takes way more abuse, yet you aren’t afraid to own those granite counter tops. There are many ways to get solar. You can buy it straight out, but many finance it! The finance payment is nearly always the same or lower than what you currently are paying.

Be in Control of Your Own Power

Remember those brown outs in California? Many of us do. But guess what, solar has completely fixed that! Solar is installed in the smartest, most energy efficient location, right where it’s consumed. Energy plants, are typically hundreds of miles away from where the energy is consumed. Utility companies have shown they only care about their bottom line. We need energy installed right where it’s needed! Going solar helps stabilize our energy grid. Systems being installed today help provide important grid services, such as boosting grid voltage. They are smart devices that help in many more ways than just provide energy. 

Solar Rebates and Tax Credits

The federal government currently offers a 30% solar tax credit. It is important to note that as a renewable energy credit, and not a deduction, you will receive the 30% back on your federal taxes (until 2019). Customers who lease solar panel systems cannot outright claim the federal tax credit, but the benefits are passed to them from the system’s owner/installer, lowering their monthly payment substantially.

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