It’s the age of multi-purpose, multi-function. We still call our mobiles a ‘phone’, but we do a lot more than talk on them. , Think On Top the BoxA meal around the dining room table is irreplaceable, but most of us love to eat while we watch tv…in the living room. We use our garage for more than car storage, Our patio, our porch, our yard- all equipped & adorned for how we live. Windows have various coverings. The bed has a duvet, and if you’re married, probably a lot more pillows than you could ever conceivably use. If there is open space, it’s because we want to fill it with people playing.

, Think On Top the Box

Looking Up is Looking Up

And then there’s the roof. It covers the box we live in. And that’s all it does. Time to think on top the box. If your garage doubles as a workshop, and your backyard moonlights as a party zone, why can’t your roof double up? It can. In addition to covering your living space, it can cover your living expenses- namely, your electric bill. With a sleek solar array to adorn your houselid and eliminate utility costs, you could then say that your roof truly has you covered. If you don’t have solar, you may have quite a bit of wasted space. Solar energy is looking up.