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Watts for Lunch? You Have Options

Across the street from where you work, there’s a McDonalds. Good-old recognized reliable McDonalds. It’s right there. So you go, despite the long lines, occasionally hostile teenage staff, and assault to your organs & energy. Even though you struggle to take a deep breath after the completion of a so-called value meal. They’ve always been there. C’mon, it’s McDonalds. Fast food to a quick demise.

Then a deli opens next door with great cuisine, superb variety, lower prices, and no wait in line. The staff is friendly & proficient. Tastes better, costs less. You feel better, even look better, frequenting this place. Would you try the deli? If all your colleagues raved about it?

Where to eat lunch isn’t a long-term decision, but daily decisions become habits, and habits become life patterns. Culturally, collectively, we’re in a generations-long habit of getting electricity from the old name brand utility. We grumble about it, but it’s familiar.

Care to sample the deli?  Swap the golden arches for some golden rays?  A brief, no-hassle chat comparing your current utility costs with what solar serves up may prompt you to consider some new and affordable habits. Solar: It’s watts for lunch.  -Lee Stilwater

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