How Much Energy Will My Solar Panels Produce?

how much will my solar panels produce

Whenever you make any investment, you naturally want to know what kind of return to expect.  Solar is a sizable investment, so it makes sense that this is one of our most frequently asked questions.  So how much will your solar panels produce? The answer isn’t the same for every person. There are several factors to consider, and a few things you can do to take control of your system’s potential – and savings. Let’s talk about that.

What Contributes to Solar Panel Productivity?

As you probably know, solar panel productivity is entirely dependent on exposure to the sun.  In San Francisco, summer days can stretch up to 15 hours, whereas we see the winter sun for only about 9 and a half hours each day.  The angle of the sun can make a difference too; in winter, the low angle provides less energy than the high angle in summer.  For these reasons, your January energy production might seem a bit stunted in comparison to the abundance that comes in July.  Other factors like how much will my solar panels produceovercast skies and California smog can also make a difference, even on days that seem bright to the eyes.

The solar materials that are used in your array will also play a part in the amount you produce.  Every aspect of construction —from the wiring and busing, to the material used in the PV panels, to the reflectivity of the glass layer— can affect the potential of your energy production. Quality products make a difference. 

Even though you can’t change the sun, there are some things you will be able to do to optimize your solar panel performance.  To accomplish this, you’ll have to keep an eye on your system’s monitor.

Monitoring Your Solar Array Is Vital

Monitoring your system can be satisfying; just watching the evidence that your panels are earning their keep is a beautiful thing. But monitoring your system is also vital for optimizing your energy production.  If you notice a plateau or decline in production, this may indicate that something is obstructing light from your panels.  It may be as simple as a growth spurt in a nearby tree, or an unusual amount of dust or ash settled on the panels. A bit of pruning, or a thorough washing could make production bounce right back. 

By monitoring your system’s production, you can quickly inspect your array so your solar production can return to its full potential ASAP. Synergy Power is proud to offer our customers an excellent app that helps you monitor your solar performance from your smartphone. 

If your home has a pre-existing solar panel system that does not include a monitor, it’s in your best interest to have one retrofitted to your system.  A skilled installer can set up the monitor so that you can gauge your system’s efficiency on a month-to-month basis.

Quality Solar Service and Installation in Livermore and Beyond

monitoring system for peak solar
Producing at peak efficiency makes every day feel like payday

It isn’t realistic to expect that your solar array will constantly receive full sun and produce at 100% of its capacity every day of the year.  Our experienced team at Synergy Power can give you an analysis that’s specific to your home’s sun exposure and layout.  This will give you a specific estimate of how much power you will generate will be with the correct size array. Rooftop, canopy, and ground installations alike can be tailored to suit your energy needs.

Our PV panels come with a warranty to guarantee that they’ll maintain at least 80% of their original efficiency for 25 years. This allows you to project your electricity production for the long term and have full confidence in your investment.

Are you curious about the potential of solar for your home or business? Or, would you like to optimize a pre-existing installation? Our team has been helping Northern California go solar for over 14 years, and we’d be happy to share our experience and expertise with you. Together, we can help you get the most energy possible from your solar power system.

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