Battery Backups: Bridge the Gap Between Outages

Solar Family, grid power outages aren’t fun for anyone. Unfortunately, thanks to the regular heat waves, they’re a normal part of living in California. But outages don’t have to disrupt your life—if you’ve got solar power and a battery backup! 

With a battery backup, you can ensure your home’s power stays on when the grid fails. Plus, a great model like the Panasonic EverVolt provides maximum system efficiency while storing excess solar energy that you can use whenever you need.

Watch this interview to learn more about what an EverVolt can do for you. And if you’re interested in a backup battery of your own, contact us. We’ll find one that complements your system and energy needs.

P.S. Want to see what a backup battery installation looks like? Check out this time lapse video of our team installing the EverVolt!