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Lower Your Business Operating Costs

Depending on your business’ unique energy goals, we can provide you with various system options that can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate your current electric bill. Instead of spending too much paying for electricity, you’ll be able to reallocate those funds for more important things.

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By adding solar to your professional office space, you can charge more per foot. We’ve successfully seen multiple companies offer Gross Leases or Full Service Leases which increase profits even more. This keeps it simple for the tenant, and you get to charge more. Going solar means you make even more money.


Successful business is about getting others to work towards a goal and producing unstoppable momentum. Why not make the roof work just as hard, by installing solar. Many businesses pay massive electric bills and never even think twice. Every business owner knows that drastically reducing energy is a smart move.

Be a Leader in Going Green

Leverage the “green” effect of solar. There is powerful marketing connected with solar. Show your customers you are a leader and care about energy. Show them the products they buy from you are better because of the solar energy decision you made. Going solar of course saves you money, but it can also send a clear message to your customers. We can install a kiosk in your lobby, or on your website, showing everyone how much CO2 you are offsetting or trees you’ve equivalently planted. There are huge marketing forces associated with better energy. Show your customers you are a leader, and they should choose you! 


Set yourself apart from your competition. Your competitive advantage should start with not wasting energy. You wouldn’t want your employees taking advantage of you by wasting time. Why let the utility take advantage of you, and sell you power at a higher cost than needed? Energy is the most basic commodity that exists. Selling an electron doesn’t get any more basic. So why the utility upsell you, when you can lower your costs and still be connected to the grid. Employees love to know they work for a company that has solar. It makes them feel proud of where they work. Empower your employees with the knowledge their company has solar.  


By making the financially wise decision to go solar, your business will also gain the reputation of making environmentally-conscious decisions, encouraging a positive image to your employees and customers. Let’s keep our environment clean and green for future generations to enjoy.

Solar Rebates and Tax Credits

The federal government currently offers a 26% solar tax credit. It is important to note that as a renewable energy credit, and not a deduction, you will receive the 26% back on your federal taxes (until 2021). Additionally, commercial customers can take a 5-year accelerated tax depreciation on their system cost. Customers who lease solar panel systems cannot outright claim the federal tax credit, but the benefits are passed to them from the system’s owner/installer, lowering their monthly payment substantially.


The average business solar system is paid for in 4.3 years. Business is hard enough, isn’t it time you gave yourself a raise by going solar? The Tax Reform Bill now allows business to 100% depreciate solar in the first year. Plus, you get a 26% tax credit. The government is paying you to go solar. What are you waiting

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