Spring (Cleaning) Time Is Here!

Clean your panels for peak summer production.

Hey Solar Family, now that summer—and peak solar energy production season—is on its way, your panels might be due for some maintenanceWe recommend cleaning your solar panels every one to two years to keep your system optimized.

Over time, your panels gather dirt, dust, and debris, which reduces their effectiveness by blocking the photovoltaic cells. Thankfully, most solar panels are so easy to clean, you can do it yourself! Watch this instructional video about how to tackle the job on your own.

Would you rather skip the chores and get right to your summer fun? Schedule a professional cleaning and we’ll handle it for you.

Mark Niblack

Meet the Team: Mark Niblack

Allow us to introduce you to Mark Niblack, another awesome member of our Synergy family. Mark has been with us for two years—but his interest in renewable energy started at 10 years old, when he made a model solar-powered car for a science fair. As part of the project management team, he loves seeing customers’ smiling faces when their meter starts running backward.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys spending time with his daughters, being outdoors, and pursuing artistic endeavors. He also volunteers much of his time helping his local community. But his biggest secret? He does an amazing Kermit the Frog impression.

Thanks so much for being part of the team, Mark!