Solar Panel Systems for Livermore, CA

Livermore, California is a great place to live for many reasons, including the fact that it has consistent and strong sunlight totals, making it a great place to “Go Solar!”

Over much of the last decade, California has led the way in the remarkable growth of the US solar market, with PV 16,200 megawatts of installed solar as of October 31, 2017.

As of mid-2017, the average price for solar panels for companies and homes in Livermore was $3.85 per watt, compared to $9.00 in 2004. The typical residential system size in the United States is 5 kilowatts (5,000 watts), making the average cost of a solar energy system in Livermore around $17,300 before any rebates or incentives, which impact the Return on Investment (ROI) over the life of your system.

In fact, the average solar panel system in Livermore cost around $12,000 in 2017, after rebates and before factoring in ROI incentives. This is, in part, due to the 30% rebate offered to both residential and commercial installations. These costs can seem scary, when you don’t compare them to what the utility company is charging. Homeowners are lulled into paying a monthly bill and not realizing they have nothing to show for it. Going solar replaces the utility bill and puts money into your home.

A Turnkey Solar Panel System

At Synergy Power, we offer you a turn-key solution. What does this mean? It means that we do it all in-house so that we can guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. We know that you have questions, and we are here to answer them. Our well-trained solar panel installers are always glad to discuss the best solution for your particular home or business.

What to Expect from Solar Panel Installation in Livermore

Ask yourself this, has my household income tripled over the last 18 years? What about your utility rates?

We cannot speak to your income, but we do know that since 2001, PG&E has increased their rates significantly. In 2001, there were two rate tiers with the most expensive one being the summer time rate of 13.3 cents per kWh. As of 2018, however, the top tier is 40.3 cents per kWh for the same E1 rate. In contrast, solar rates have dropped significantly since 2004.

The initial price tag for a solar panel system may seem high, but ultimately you save money every month by going solar, and you lock in your energy costs because there are no more energy cost hikes. Most customers can go solar by paying a small deposit and then replacing the monthly payment to the utility company with a cheaper payment to the solar finance company. You literally save money every month by going solar.

No More Brown Outs with Solar Panels

Most people living in Livermore are familiar with brown outs and the discomfort they cause. Going solar solves that situation. You can eliminate brown outs by installing solar panels in the most energy-efficient location, right where it is consumed, on the roof of your home.

Energy plants are typically miles away from where the energy is consumed, and a plant is a single point of overload and failure. Going solar helps stabilize energy grids by boosting grid voltage while providing your home with secure energy production that is not easily interrupted.

What Does a Great Solar Site Look Like?

Here are a few specifics about what a great home for solar looks like.

  1. Roof type: Asphalt shingles – tile and rubber membrane do not cost extra, but shake, slate or 100-year-old clay tile may make solar panel installation a bit more expensive.
  2. Roof age:5 to 10 years old is ideal. Once the solar panel installers have placed the solar tiles on top of the roof, they will last a long, long time. Therefore, a solar system installation is often combined with a new roof. We work with a number of roofers, which makes going solar and getting a new roof very easy.
  3. Roof orientation:Due south is great, as is a western orientation, but anywhere between east-southeast and west is satisfactory. We are even seeing panels placed north on a roof. While you may face a slight loss in energy compared to other directions, it’s still better than renting from the utility. We can provide detailed analysis for every roof location.
  4. Roof shade:You are looking for none at all, or very little. Shade kills the output of solar panels if they are traditionally wired, as shade on even a small portion of one panel can reduce output of a whole string of panels.We use micro inverters or optimizers on all our systems to overcome shade challenges. SolarEdge, one of our main product suppliers, is 99% CEC (California Energy Commission) rated efficient. This greatly helps any shading your roof may have. Winter and morning shade is not really as large as a concern as summer shade. Get a detailed analysis of your home solar today.

Livermore, California residents and business owners usually have homes and businesses that are perfectly suited to going solar.

Steps to Installing a Solar Energy System

At Synergy Power, we are one of the solar energy companies that cares about their customers like they are family. We take care of everything from site assessment, to system size and price, to engineering a system that will meet your needs to permits for construction.

We will also help you understand how to set up billing arrangements with your utility company and to determine whether you need to sign up for special rates, or a time-of-use-plan specifically designed to record energy consumed and energy exported.  At Synergy Power, we walk you through the process of going solar every step of the way. If you own a business, not to worry, we also install and maintain solar panels for businesses as well.

Fortunately, California has streamlined the interconnection processes required to get your home solar system assessed and connected quickly, once we have installed the solar panel or roof tile system, and it is ready to turn on. Before this happens, an assessment specialist from your utility company verifies the presence of the necessary hardware and the correct installation of all wiring. Furthermore, once installed, any solar panel repairs that you may need in the future can also be taken care of by Synergy Power.

Livermore, California

The city of Livermore is home to many different golf courses and vineyards, and a farmer’s market that brings farm-fresh food directly to their customers. But perhaps the most iconic piece of Livermore is the Centennial Light, a lightbulb that has continuously run since 1904 in the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department main station. It is amazing that the lightbulb has provided light and energy for so long, and Synergy Power is dedicated to providing that same level of durability to our customers.

California has great solar possibilities available directly from the sun. Synergy Power is one of the solar panel companies that is here to help you harness that resource with solar PV. Contact us today!  We will answer your questions and help you increase the value of your home while lowering your annual electricity bill and energy consumption. Solar energy systems are the future. We will offer you a low-risk, long-term investment in your home, your business, and the planet.

We’re Here to Serve Livermore, California

Synergy Power is proud to service Livermore, and help the city become more environmentally conscious. As one of the leading solar panel companies, we are available to answer your questions before, during, and after your system is installed, and we are here to provide any necessary solar panel maintenance required over time. Contact us today to begin the journey towards solar power panels and lower utility bills.

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