Amid the industrial lighting of the Livermore Fire Department is a singular antique lightbulb emitting a soft and steady glow. It’s an icon of the city: a symbol of innovation, progress, and stick-to-itiveness. We call it Centennial Light, and there couldn’t be a more fitting symbol for our hometown.


A Unique Spin on California Culture


At first glance, Livermore may look like a city of tradition. We have a charming “small town” feel that inspires nostalgia. Sipping crafted wines from vineyards that date back to the 1700s can make you feel as connected to the past as watching a vintage film at the Vine Cinema. There is something wonderfully old-fashioned about cowboys tipping their hats to each other as they pass at the farmer’s market. And then there’s Centennial Light, faithfully lit since 1904.

Still, Livermore is a city fixed firmly on the future. We treasure our heritage, but we are connected and motivated by possibilities. We pride ourselves in the Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratory scientists here in Livermore, with their technological and academic advancements.

What Livermore is really about is this: improving ourselves and improving the place where we live… not only for our own sake, but for the sake of those who come after us.

A Bright Future of Solar Energy


Perhaps that’s why we see so many residents of Livermore choosing solar energy and battery back-up systems to power their homes and businesses. Going solar lowers the overall environmental impact. This helps to ensure that not only our families, but the community as a whole will benefit. Because solar is an independent energy source, communities can grow without straining the grid. Black-outs can become a thing of the past.


The decision to switch is made even easier by the financial benefits. Your electric bills are greatly reduced (or even eliminated entirely) and your home’s value increases.

Synergy Power To Make The Solar Switch


At Synergy Power, we are passionate about the future of solar energy. We have been helping residents in Livermore go solar for over 14 years – and we’re proud to call this community our home. Whether you would have a house, a ranch, or a business, we are ready to work with you to create a the right solar panel array and, if you wish, a battery back-up system to fit your needs. If you’d like to take advantage of the 257 days of sunshine per year that our city has to offer, give us a call today.

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