Utility Futility- Does Your Commute Compute?

Solar is to your energy costs what commuting is to your earnings. With a bit of math, we work out whether or not our daily drive is worthwhile. For example, let’s say housing two blocks from your job is $3000 a month; the cost of getting there is negligible. You find a comparable living space 80 miles away from your office for $2000 per month. You’re saving $1000 a month, right?

Well, you’re adding 2500 miles a month to your vehicle, if you take a couple of Fridays off. That’s 28000 miles’ worth of wear & tear in a year, supposing you take a 3-4 week staycation. At 18 miles per gallon x $3.60 (low cost, low octane, being super conservative), you’ll spend $450 a month in gas getting back & forth to work. So you’re still saving $550 a month on your housing…if you have no car maintenance, no depreciation, and the additional 18-20 hours a week in traffic don’t bother you, all the while assuming someone doesn’t clobber you while they’re texting behind the wheel. It’s a dilemma many of us face, debate, and experiment with. We settle on whatever feels like the lesser of two evils.

Life in the Fast Lane- The debate goes away if the house that’s two blocks from your job is $1700 a month. THAT’S SOLAR. You get all the electricity you want to use for less than you’re paying now. Don’t be too busy pushing the bike to get on and ride it. FastClik to solar– It’s a change that gives you back change.  –Lee Stilwater

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