3 Reasons Why You Should Go Solar NOW

If you’ve been considering solar, you should know that time is running out to maximize your incentives for 2019. Your new system must be INSTALLED and operational before year-end, and we only have a few remaining slots on our calendar. Call 866-202-6737 NOW to maximize your savings.

Here are the top 3 reasons to go solar RIGHT NOW:

  1. The tax credit is dropping.
    At the end of 2019, the federal tax credit for solar panels will go down from 30% to 26%. That’s a 13% drop. While 13% might not seem like a lot, depending on the size of your install, the difference in credit could be well over $1,000. To benefit from the higher rate, your solar panels have to be installed and operational by the end of the year—which brings us to our next point.
  2. Limited installation availability.
    There are only so many installs we can do before the year wraps up. To make sure you get on our calendar, start by calling us now at 866-202-6737 to check our availability.
  3. Net Metering Phase II is expiring.
    Phase II of net metering is coming to a close soon—based on a quota of solar installations capped by the state—at which time your guaranteed sell-back rate will go down, and you’ll end up with less money in your pocket. Act now and spend your savings (and energy!) on a fun family vacation instead.

While it’s always a smart move to go solar, there are a few times like this where the difference between waiting even a few days can be thousands of dollars. The question is this: Would you like to spend that money on yourself, or hand it over to PG&E and the federal government?

Don’t let the sun set on these solar incentives without at least calling us at 866-202-6737 to discuss your energy possibilities.