Generac Manufacturer Information

Have any questions on the Generac products we offer? View our informative videos (and their transcripts) recorded at Intersolar 2020 on Generac technical speculations.

Generac Introduction


Generac offers a residential energy storage system that is safe, backed by a fortune 1000 company based here in the United States. Giving the homeowners the ability to store power in case of grid outage and also, offset their energy use by taking advantage of time of use rates.



All of our products that go on the roof carry a 25 year warranty. All of our products mounted on the ground carry a 10 year warranty.

3 Phase & Parallel Stacking Information


3 Phase: Vast majority of our business is for single phase, residential use. We do have a 208 Volt, 3 phase unit for small commercial jobs.

Parallel Stacking: We do not support parallel inverters at this time. We expect to add that capability very, very soon.

Indoor Installation


Our product is designed to be installed in a controlled environment such as a garage. The battery itself must be put in a garage or utility closet. The inverter can be mounted outside. We will have an outdoor rated battery encloser later this summer.

DC Coupled


Our product is a DC coupled solution which is far more efficient than AC coupled solutions. There’s only one conversion involved in a DC coupled solution as opposed to three conversions on an AC coupled solution. You can input a maximum of 15 kW DC into a Generac 7.6kW inverter.

Generator Compatibility


We just announced a limited generator compatibility earlier today. It’s so new I haven’t read the press release yet. We will have a whole home backup including a generator compatibility sometime next year.

Usable kW Supported


The system can output a maximum of 7.6 kW out to the grid, but it can store much more than that–produce much more than that to store the excess power in the batteries.