SPAN Smart Panel Manufacturer Information

SPAN is a smart panel designed with you in mind. It’s superior design, functionality and installation are complimentary to your individual lifestyle and needs. SPAN Smart Panel has a customizable backup, smart monitoring and controls, and streamlined installation. With unlimited access, you can instantly manage your usage and make changes to your system with the touch of your finger in the Customer App.



So we’re here with this newly installed energy storage system. We have our home battery, our solar inverter, SPAN Smart panel here. This panel combines monitoring and control sort of under one hood, so the advantage being a lot less garbage on your wall. So, we embed metering, smart gateway, load control and auto transformer and more all in this one sleek product. So, saves time during install and gives much more aesthetic result. For the homeowner they get monitoring and control not only of their whole home energy consumption, solar production, EV, but each individual load in their home, so you can actually see on a circuit level where you’re consuming energy and how you can save money and make best use of this solar system you just put on. When the grid goes out the system gives you configurable backup, so you as the home owner through your SPAN App can actually choose which loads stay on, so rather than just selecting two or three or more loads you can actually backup your entire home and use the App to control which loads are powered when, which extends the energy stored in your battery to help you last through out the outage. So, all of that kind of wrapped up in one beautiful package the SPAN Smart panel.