Panasonic Manufacturer Information

Have any questions about the Panasonic products we offer? View our informative videos (and their transcripts) recorded at Intersolar 2020 on Sol-Ark product comparisons and technical speculations.



A hundred-year-old company. We’ve been making batteries for decades, so we have that depth of experience. In terms of the specifics of the system I think there’s a couple things that make us unique. One is that we have both an AC coupled and DC coupled system, which for a homeowner means if you have an existing solar system we can accommodate you. If you’re putting a new system in we can do that as well and then I also think that we—our system tends to me more flexible in terms of installing because you can AC or DC couple. We can accommodate a wide variety of installation situations and we also offer two different system sizes, so we don’t force you to get either too much or maybe have too little energy.

Indoor Installation


It’s an indoor rated product, so it’s NEMA 1, which means condition environment—could be where I live in Northern California could be a garage or it could be inside the house, but that’s our recommendation. Condition generally means that it’s gonna be insulated or protected.



We have a 10-year warranty. It’s 10 years we warranty the product—for 10 years that’ll have at least 60 percent of its gain plate rating and if you look at it in terms of throughput—for a full size system it’s a 45.6 MWh, what we warranty.

AC Coupling


You can AC couple. You can actually have two battery cabinets connected to one inverter. The maximum amount of solar is 6500 watts DC.

Generator Capability


We have a generator kit. It’s not included, but it’s available and if you wanna connect a generator—any generator will work. If it’s a split phase generator that has AutoStart capability we’ll send a signal to start and stop the generator.