NABCEP Information

Why is it important to make sure your solar installers are NABCEP certified? Found out the importance with our informative videos.



NABCEP is the certification body in the renewable energy industry, so we have a lot of different board certifications, usually—it’s mostly within the solar PV industry, but we also have some in solar thermal and small wind. So, that’s what we focus on renewable energy and we currently have 6 board certifications in our—in solar PV, so that covers the solar installers, designers, maintenance technicians, inspectors—people in those rolls within the industry.



All of our certifications require that someone has a certain number of advance training hours and they have a certain amount of experience working on projects, so once you have met those training requirements and experience requirements you add those into an application. We have a review team that takes a look at them. If there’s anything that’s missing or we have some questions, we’ll flag it and send it back and you can answer those—one—and then when someone meets all those requirements then they have to take a pretty rigorous exam that we have subject matter experts develop for us.

Benefits of Choosing NABCEP Certified Installers


Anyone that meets these requirements have proven they have the advance training and the experience in a decision making role on installations. So, those folks have a wider breathe and depth—knowledge within the industry. Those are the folks that when they’re installing systems, designing systems, inspecting systems have an eye for quality assurance. So, when customers are looking for that and they realize solar installation is really—it’s an investment and when you look at it like that you wanna have someone that’s qualified that’s doing that work.

Whether you’re looking at getting a dentist or a doctor you wanna make sure that person qualified same as you would wanna have someone who’s qualified that’s working on your roof that could potential lead to some problems down the road if it’s not installed properly. So, what we do is we verify those people have the training, the experience, and that eye for quality. Plus, they’re also required to meet continue education requirements. So, once they get the certification they have to continue to stay educated in the industry, learn about products, make sure that they’re educated with regard to national electrical code, so that they, you know, maintain that high level of understanding within the industry.

So, why should customers choose someone who’s NABCEP board certified? If you care about your money and what you’re investing in, you want to invest in a NABCEP board certified professional.

Do Your Homework


When customers are looking for a installation team to do the work you wanna do your homework. You wanna find someone that employs a lot of NABCEP board certified professionals. You want to look at companies like Synergy Power that, you know, focus on finding people that are qualified to do that work for you and make sure that you’re not going with some fly by night organization that’s gonna put this up, they’re gonna disappear the next day and then you can’t reach out to them if there are any issues down the road, so please, do your homework, find someone that’s board certified, research the companies and you’ll be happy with your investment.



Usually when I get calls is from folks that have already invested in it and there are problems. One of the things that we do as a certification body is we have a—an enforceable code of ethics. So, if you go with someone who’s NABCEP board certified and they do something unethical we can hold them accountable and we do hold them accountable. So, if someone does something that is unethical or that doesn’t comply with that code of ethics, we have an ethics committee, we review it and then we can do whatever we can to hold them accountable for that. That’s important.