Lodi is a special city that we at Synergy Power are proud to be a part of. We love helping businesses and homeowners in Lodi save money on their energy bills. It’s fitting that we prefer growing lesser known grape varieties like Cinsault, Petit Sirah, and Carignan in our prized vineyards. For a city renowned for its bold, complex, and full-bodied wines, Lodi is refreshingly subtle with a delicate finish. 

The Lodown on Lodi

We love getting out.  From poring over treasured antiques at the Lodi Street Faire to braving carnival rides at the Asparagus Festival to dining al fresco at the sophisticated and iconic Row x Row Zinfest on Lodi Lake… we never seem to have a shortage of excuses to enjoy the outdoors.  The Mediterranean climate in our area of Northern California makes it easy to have our wine and sip it too.  What better place to enjoy a bottle than against the beautiful backdrop of Michael David’s Wineries, Bokisch Vineyards, or the Mokelumne River.  And you’d better believe we take advantage of it.  Getting out and spending time with our neighbors is how we’ve kept our small-town charm.  It’s what separates us from the larger tourist-driven sections of wine country.  We pride ourselves in being a close-knit community that wave to each other at the farmer’s market.  We know that, like a good Zinfandel, time is best enjoyed with friends.

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Going Solar in the San Joaquin Valley

It makes sense that more and more people are switching to solar power in the San Joaquin Valley.  Our 261 days of sunshine per year are not only ideal for sprawling vineyards, it’s also the perfect scenario for homeowners and businesses to take advantage of a clean and renewable energy resource.  A solar panel array coupled with a battery back-up system can make your home or business immune to scheduled or emergency blackouts that have become part of life in Northern California.  Limiting your reliance on the electrical grid not only allows you to live your life uninterrupted by power outages, but it also means that you’re having a part in preserving the agricultural land that is unique to Lodi.  

Aside from the convenience of having control over your energy input, there are significant financial advantages.  Using solar energy can significantly reduce or even eliminate your utility bill.  PG&E’s Net Metering program makes it possible to see your surplus energy go to work for you.  This, coupled with the federal and local tax incentives currently available mean that there’s no better time to make the switch.  It’s a win-win all around.

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Synergy Power is Here for You

We at Synergy Power are here to help you navigate the switch to using solar power.  Whether you are in the process of planning your new house, or you are a long-time resident who would like to know more about your installation options, our experienced team can answer your questions and work with you to create a custom system to fit your needs.  We’ve been assisting families in Northern California for over 14 years and counting.  Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

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