San José: the Capital of Silicon Valley … the third-place titlist in Forbes Magazine’s list of “America’s Smartest Cities.”  The city where dreams are realized and ideas come to life. And a great place to go solar.

Fast and Forward San José

It’s not a secret that the next big thing will likely come out of San José.  When you’re housing tech pioneers like Adobe, Cisco, PayPal, Samsung, and Zoom, you get used to being at the forefront of the future.  We like it that way.  More than the beautiful Diablo Range and Santa Cruz Mountains, more than the gorgeously sunny climate we love, and more than being among the top ten largest cities in the US –  we pride ourselves on the people of San José.

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We’re proud to be one of the most internationally diverse, ambitious, and talented communities in the world.  Over 39% of our city’s population is foreign-born; immigrants from all over the globe have traveled here to put their ideas and aspirations to work in a socially tolerant, culturally diverse environment.  We’re convinced that the still-unknown founders of today’s San Jose start-ups will become a household name tomorrow.  It’s a story we love living again and again.

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Going Solar in Silicon Valley

It’s no wonder that the use of solar energy has been so widely received in San José.  When your work is driven by technology, blackouts are more than just an inconvenience; they rob you of productivity.  Power outages can last for hours or even several days at a time, leaving homes, schools, and businesses in the dark.  By choosing a solar energy system with a battery back-up, many residents in San José have become entirely immune to the shut-offs.  

What’s even better, going solar in San Jose has financial benefits: you can maintain normal business operations during a blackout, and greatly reduce (or even eliminate) your electric bill. Now, more than ever, it’s time to make the switch to solar.

Here in San Jose, our energy choices affect not only ourselves, but they have far-reaching environmental and social impacts.  We know this to be true. Are you ready to make the switch to solar? 

Synergy Power is San Jose’s Solar Partner

At Synergy Power, we are committed to helping you create a solar energy system to fit your needs.  Our seasoned team has been installing solar panels across Northern California for over 14 years, and have an iron-clad warranty, so you can feel confident when you work with us.

We are ready to guide you in designing a solar rooftop array, and if you choose, a battery storage system. This will keep your home or business running without interruption.  We’re proud to serve our neighbors in San Jose. Give us a call today to get started.

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