Serene Solar- This Won’t Hurt

There’s a British website called Dentalphobia, which is funny for a couple of reasons:

As things turn out, it isn’t just a clever name. My last root canal wasn’t exactly a spa day; neither was it the encounter with a rabid Marquis de Sade that I recall from my first filling some 40 years ago. Through the years, dentists have found ways to make their processes faster, less painful, and less invasive, leading to more and happier patients. While we are  quick to acknowledge the need and value of keeping our teeth healthy, these days we don’t mind actually taking the steps to do much. It’s well worth it and not too unpleasant.

In the spirit of the ‘gentle dentistry’ paradigm, we give you: SERENE SOLAR.  While millions see the obvious advantages, value, perhaps even a need for solar energy, we put off doing it because we think it’s going to hurt.

This is Not a ‘Roof Canal’

We imagine time consuming, high-pressure sales banter, hopelessly complex payment processes, bizarre electrical terms and apparatus, bewildering utility documents and system performance statistics, and beer swilling hooligans crawling around on the roof and busting through our rafters for two weeks while we’re without electricity in our home. No thank you.

It’s not like that. At Synergy Power, we value time (and privacy) the way you do. Site analysis, system design, finance options,and solar installation are convenient, yet complete. You are welcome to be as much or as little involved in the process as you choose, but are not left uninformed during any phase.

Our install crews average hours, not days, on your property. One of our customers recently remarked to the crew, “I never thought I’d want the guys on top of the house to come into the house, but after working with this staff I say, “Come on in!””

Synergy Power’s unique ability to practice ‘serene solar’ is built around knowledge of our craft, skilled technique, proper equipment, and commitment to happy customers. Don’t wait for your electric bill to abcess and leave a painful cavity in your wallet. Click for a free, informative, painless site analysis with us. Just don’t make it for this Tuesday at 3:00- I have a dentist appointment. -Lee Stilwater