Things are looking really bright for the Ruiz family—they saved $2,700 in ONE year by making the switch to solar. 

Last week they received their yearly True-Up bill and to their delight they saw that PG&E actually owed them money. How? 

You’ll see from their bill that PG&E tracks how much power (kWh—kilowatt hours) is consumed each month. Some months the net usage is negative, meaning you produced more solar power than you needed. Other months it can be higher depending on the power you use (think air conditioning and heating). Because they had the right size system for their needs, this customer’s bill for the year was negative! 

The Ruiz’s monthly electric expense before going solar was $228. Multiply that by 12 months and the total they saved was $2,700 PLUS the money PG&E will be paying them. What would you do with an extra $2,700? Contact us for a quote and watch the video to find out how to save on solar.

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