Another Shining Year to Come

Thank You, Synergy Family
Thank you, Solar Family, for making this year so bright. We’re dedicated to bringing better solar energy to the Bay Area—and it’s only possible because of you. We appreciate your support for our local family-owned business throughout 2023. Here’s a video to show how grateful we are.
Your Synergy Family

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Important Update:

Major PG&E Rate Hike to Hit on January 1

If you’re still relying on the grid, your wallet might be in for a big surprise in 2024. PG&E just announced that their rates are going up 13% starting January 1, 2024. That means you’ll be seeing an increase of $20–$40 or more per month on your PG&E bill, with more increases to come later in the year. (That’s not to mention that the CEO of PG&E brings home over $50 million annually.)

If you’re ready to make the switch to solar energy—or beef up your current system—contact us. We’ll help you eliminate your electric bill and escape the rate hikes.