Which Rate Schedule Is Right for You?

Have you taken a look at PG&E’s newest rate schedule increase this year, Solar Family? If you’re wondering which one is right for you, you’re not alone. Before you make any changes to your rate schedule, please talk to your solar professional first. We’ll help you find precisely the best (and most cost-effective) one for your energy needs.

Remember, being on the wrong rate schedule can have serious financial consequences—so it’s important to choose wisely.

The Saga of Sammy Solar

Sammy Solar is a homeowner living happily in California. This year, Sammy decided to lower his carbon footprint a step further by purchasing an electric vehicle.

Since he’s now charging his shiny new car at night, Sammy decided to call PG&E to get his rate schedule changed to an EV-specific rate. Sammy was told by the utility company that he would save more money by making this change.

Unfortunately, when Sammy’s true-up bill arrived, he discovered he was actually spending more money on energy than last year! Why? There were two key reasons:

  • The new EV rate schedule he switched to has 9 hours of peak rates, 7 days a week, instead of his previous E-TOU-D rate schedule of 3 hours of peak times, 5 days a week. That’s 48 hours more per week of paying higher prices for energy!
  • Sammy didn’t inform his solar company of his new EV purchase, which greatly increased his energy consumption. Thus, he didn’t realize he would need additional panels to offset his new energy needs.

Sadly, Sammy felt swindled by PG&E’s baffling rate schedules.

Thankfully, when Sammy contacted Synergy Power, they ran a rate analysis to get him back to a better rate schedule for his specific needs. They also provided an estimate to cover the additional energy usage from his EV. With their assistance, he’s back to saving energy—and money—with solar power.

Contact us first to see if you’re on the right rate schedule for your needs—especially if you’re considering making changes that could affect your PG&E bill.

How to Find Your Rate Schedule

Here’s an example showing where to locate your PG&E rate schedule on your current bills—for both solar only and solar-and-battery users.

Solar Only

Solar With Battery

Your rate schedule is located on page 3 of your PG&E bill. To find your bill, watch this video. This is located on page 1 of your detail of NEM bill. To find your bill, watch this video.