Re-Energize Program

New 12-Year SolarEdge Inverter Warranty

Whether you’ve got 1 year left or 11, get a fresh warranty with your purchase.

Capacity for More Panels

Add more panels to your system as desired—up to 200%!

Expand Your System

Add smart energy devices, home backup, EV chargers, load controllers, and more.

Attention, all SolarEdge users! Anyone with a qualifying “older” SolarEdge inverter—installed before June 30, 2022—can now upgrade to a battery-ready Home Hub inverter at a serious discount. You’ll also get a NEW 12-year warranty and a 5-year cell plan, plus the ability to add more panels, a battery backup, and more.

Contact us to find out if your system qualifies.

Would You Like a Battery Backup With That?

If you take part in the Re-Energize Program above and install a new inverter and battery by June 30, 2024, you could be eligible for an extra $600 rebate on a SolarEdge battery. In the meantime, check out this video that showcases a recent SolarEdge battery installation—it’s a piece of cake. 

And even if you don’t have a SolarEdge inverter, we partner with a variety of inverter and battery manufacturers so we can find a system that fits just right for your home or business. Let’s make sure you’re powered up in a way that feels perfect for you!