Apply for NEM-2 Before It’s Too Late

Hurry, Solar Family—time is running out to be grandfathered into NEM-2 benefits before it’s gone forever. Let us help you submit the required documents to PG&E by April 14, 2023, to get you locked in and maximize your savings.

Here’s what is required from PG&E to begin: 

  • Signed solar contract
  • Submitted NEM-2 application
  • That’s it! 

You don’t need a permit, final inspection, or full installation to get NEM-2. In fact, you have until April 15, 2026, to complete the project and retain NEM-2 eligibility. We’re dedicated to helping you complete these steps before the clock runs out. If you’re ready to start your solar future, contact us today to begin the process.

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Are You Already on NEM-2? 

If you already have solar, that’s great! You’re locked into NEM-2 for 20 years from the date your system was installed. However, while some systems are expandable, others may require a new NEM application to add on. To stay on NEM-2, reach out now to make sure your current system covers your needs and avoid being switched to NEM-3. 

If you recently purchased solar, you should have already received a confirmation email that your application is complete. Now is the time to double check that everything is finalized.

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NEM-2 is Great for Commercial Solar Too

Do you have a business that would benefit from solar? Reach out to get a free proposal for your commercial property by April 14, 2023, to get NEM-2 benefits for everything you own. 

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