Keep Your Power On In Northern California

The reasons for choosing to have a battery backup system for your home or business are powerful. (Pun intended!) You can store the excess energy that your panels produce to avoid peak rates, for emergency use, or you can go completely off the grid. 

Off-grid systems are not dependent on PG&E at all, so if we’re in the midst of a blackout, your lights stay on. The power from your panels is stored in a battery system connected to your home. Off-grid solar energy systems will even generate electricity during a blackout since they are completely independent of your electric power company.

Hybrid systems are connected to PG&E’s grid – but they also have battery storage. If your system is properly managed, you’ll keep your power on in case of a blackout.  (We have an excellent app that helps with monitoring!) A hybrid system will allow you to have power during a blackout because it can run off of the battery-stored energy. 

In California, the time is especially right to consider a battery backup system to complement your solar power. At Synergy Power, we are certified to sell and install several brands of quality battery systems:

  • High Energy Efficiency: 98%
  • High Rate Discharge
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Low Internal Resistance: 3mOhm
  • Long PSoC Cycle Life: 3000
  • Low-Self Discharge
  • No Watering Required
  • Primarily designed for use with solar system.
  • Roundtrip efficiency of 96.5%
  • 4 different models to suit your needs
  • Small footprint
  • Expandable as needed
  • 10 years or 22.4 MWh energy throughput
  • DC and AC coupling options
  • Stack up to three EverVolt systems
  • Monitor system from the EverVolt mobile app
  • 10-year complete system warranty
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  • Safe battery chemistry
  • 100% depth of discharge
  • Works with existing solar or newly installed
  • 15 year warranty, 21 year life expectancy
  • Lithium ferrite phosphate battery
  • More compact than traditional storage solutions
  • Easy integration with new and existing PV systems
  • Provides up to 28 hours of power
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Remote Monitoring
  • NOT a whole home backup solution
  • 90.8% overall system efficiency
  • Full or Partial home backup
  • App for monitoring system
  • Preselected battery charging levels for unplanned outages

Conext XW Series:

  • Can AC Couple and DC Couple
  • Compatible with 3rd Party inverters and microinverters
  • Works with solar storage from 8.5kW to 25.5kW

Conext SW Series:

  • DC Coupled
  • Works with solar storage up to 4.4kW
  • Can be integrated with generators
  • Prioritizes solar consumption over the grid

Shown: Conext XW Series


Shown: Conext SW Series

Battery Comparison Chart

We can help walk you through the options so you can be confident in your choice of battery backup system. Then you can truly say goodbye to energy price hikes and blackouts. Be in control with a solar power system and battery backup. Talk to us today.

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