DIY Guide to Reconnecting Your Monitoring System

The days are getting longer and your solar panels are soaking up those rays. If you’re like us, you probably enjoy watching how much energy your panels are producing (and how much money you’re saving). But what should you do if you notice your Enphase monitoring system is no longer connected? 

Don’t worry! Even though you may not be able to see the energy production, your solar panels are likely still working. If you recently got a new router for your home, changed internet providers, or even simply updated your WiFi password, you’ll need to reconnect your monitoring system to your WiFi network—just as you would your laptop, printer, or iPhone.

If this sounds like your situation, there’s good news—you can skip the service fees and take the DIY approach. We’ve put together this video to walk you through how to reconnect your Enphase system. You’ll be back to watching your solar production in no time!