How Solar Saves You Money

Solar is not just a phase – it’s an aggressively growing alternative as more and more people realize that they can save money every month by using solar panels. Save money and do something good for the planet? Where do I sign up?!

How It Works

Traditional power: your home or business is connected to the main power grid (which you pay a connection fee for) and you buy power directly from a utility company. The utility company dictates the rate you pay depending on time of use or amount used.

Solar power: your home or business is generally connected to the main power grid (which you pay the utility company a connection fee for) and you generate your own power. Amount of power generated depends on size of system and hours of daylight. Excess power your system generates goes back into the grid for use at night and your account is credited in a program known as net-metering.

Why You Save With Solar

One big advantage with a solar panel system is that your electric rate is locked in through an agreement. Since utility companies raise electric rates every year (PG&E on average raises the rate 6.5% each year), you won’t have any surprises from month to month. Solar saves money every month. You are billed only once at the end of each year but you’ll be able to view your charges and credits on a statement every month.

And you won’t have to ever chase your significant other or children around the the house, turning off lights and living in a dark home. It’s silly to live that way! You can still save money and be energy smart without living like a miser!