The (Solar) Train Is Leaving the Station

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Get Your NEM-2 Status before It’s Too Late

Big changes are ahead in the solar market… and they’re not good for consumers. 

NEM—net energy metering—is a program for solar owners to supply clean energy to the electric grid and sell over-produced power to the utility companies. 

But PG&E doesn’t like paying solar customers for stored power. The utility giant has lobbied for changes to this program, fighting to keep its stranglehold on consumers. 

The result is NEM-3, a new energy metering program that will alter PG&E’s financial obligations to solar owners selling stored power. And, if history is any judge, NEM-3 could mean bad news:

  • Fewer energy credits
  • Bigger connection fees
  • More monthly charges for solar users

So what can you do? Actually, a lot. Applying for an interconnection application now can get you grandfathered into NEM-2 status. Many details are unknown, but we do know that whatever decisions are made regarding changes to net energy metering status should be announced in January 2022. 

In all likelihood, there will be an implementation period between August 2022 and January 2023 allowing projects under development to apply for NEM-2 status before the new rules take effect. 

This is huge—but you can’t afford to wait. It can take between one and four months after a contract is signed to get permission to operate from the utility company.

Additionally, the California Public Utilities Commission could decide to give less than full NEM-2 benefits to customers that install during the buffer period. The sooner you lock in your NEM-2 status, the better. This opportunity won’t last long. 

Synergy Power is here to get you on the train to NEM-2 status. Let us answer your questions, schedule you for an install, and show you how to get the biggest value solar power can buy. Book a consultation today and stay free of the grid.