Your Solar vs. Winter Weather

Snowfall on Mount Diablo, February 2023

If you thought our weather this year has been unusual, Solar Family, you’re absolutely right—and “unusual” might be an understatement. Between higher rainfall, milder temperatures, and even unprecedented snow in our area, we’ve seen weather records breaking all over. And your solar system might have seen a slight decrease in production because of it. 

Rest assured, your solar will still work—even under stormy skies. Just remember these key tips for getting the most out of your system in the winter: 

  • Conserve power by turning off lights when you’re not actively using them. 
  • Run appliances during the day to avoid evening peak usage. 
  • Be proactive with your monitoring to keep on track. Ensure your system is active and no errors or alerts are present.

This is especially important as the unusual weather doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. According to the National Weather Service, El Niño conditions are expected for the upcoming winter of 2023–2024. El Niño is an occurrence of higher-than-average ocean temperatures that happens every two to seven years, usually resulting in more frequent storms. 

This could rain a perfect storm on your energy usage. With less sun available and an earlier sunset time, more clouds and rain (or snow like in the photo above!), and increased usage of lights, space heaters, and more, this season could leave you running low on power. To weather the storm, add a battery backup that will keep you protected and provide extra power when you need it most.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your usage—or if you’d like to add a battery backup—we’re here for you. 

Meet the Team: Phil & Nate Huiltron

Introducing a father-son duo in the Synergy Power family, Phil and Nate Huiltron. Between the two of them, they have over 15 years of industry experience. While Phil enjoys sharing the trade with his son and teaching him the ropes, he has high hopes that someday Nate will be twice as good as him in the solar field. Nate also gets high remarks for his efforts in installation, both with our customers and our crews. 

One of Phil’s favorite things about working with solar is installing battery backup systems. He recalls a memorable experience when one customer was “so excited that his home had power during a three-day outage that his face lit up when telling his experience. I was proud to be part of his happiness.” 

Fun fact: Phil and Nate love eating tacos, being outdoors while camping, and working with our Synergy Family. Thanks, Phil and Nate! We go together like tacos and sunshine.