Happy New (Solar) Year

The sun has set on 2019. You’ve put your 2020 goals to paper (or more realistically, to iPhone Notes app)—and one of them is to become energy independent. 

Here are our top three reasons to go solar in 2020:

  1. Tax credit. 26% isn’t too shabby. In fact, on an average $20,000 install you’re looking at $5,200 back. That makes the total investment of going solar a lot more manageable.
  2. Turn the lights out on PG&E. They have all the power—pun intended. When you make the move to solar, you immediately become energy independent. No more outages and rate hikes for you.
  3. Savings. Some of our clients save so much money every month, it pays for their solar installment. Think of what you could do with that extra cash. We hear Aruba is nice this time of year.

A new year, a new decade, a new opportunity to go green and finally make the switch to solar. May 2020 be the year of energy independence!