If You Needed Another Reason to Go Solar in Northern California

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Building code revisions are not usually ground-breaking events, but we think that California’s latest amendment to Title 24 Part 6 is history in the making. The state is not just making a commitment to reduce harmful emissions – these changes will save homeowners a lot of money in the process.

Title 24 and Solar Energy

At the beginning of this year, a mandate went into effect that will require nearly all new residential construction in the state of California to use solar energy systems, as well as adopt improved standards in air filtration and home insulation. This building code update is one step closer to the zero-net-energy vision initiated by the California Energy Commission (CEC) in 2008. The code is revised every three years, and although not achieving ‘zero’ this time around, the current mandate aims to cut energy usage in new homes by 50%.
“With this adoption, the [CEC] has struck a fair balance between reducing greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously limiting increased construction costs,” said California Building Industry Association CEO and President Dan Dunmoyer. The 2019 installment of Title 24 is a national first, and California hopes that its decision will set an example for the rest of the country to choose sustainable and responsible energy sources.

How Title 24 Affects California Homeowners

Title 24 solar california
Provided by California Energy Commission

Title 24 is designed to ensure that new homes are built with optimal efficiency. The new revision will promote improved air quality and will help reduce California’s carbon footprint. What is more, new homes built under the law will cost less to operate. Homebuilders who implement the new code adjustments are likely to experience savings double the value of their investment. According to the CEC website: “Based on a 30-year mortgage … the standards will add about $40 per month for the average home, but save consumers $80 per month on heating, cooling and lighting bills.” As a northern California homeowner, you could directly benefit from the full impact of these savings for decades.

Even if you aren’t in the process of building a home, you may still choose to go solar and enjoy the savings. Adding a solar array and battery back-up to your existing home is a great stand-alone investment. Aside from reducing or practically eliminating your energy costs now, your property will be more competitive in the real estate market down the line, since more homes will adopt the cost-effective and environmentally conscious model.

Synergy Power Can Help with Solar

While new building codes may catch you off-guard, rest assured that we are well prepared to help homeowners face the future. Synergy Power has been serving northern California homeowners and businesses for over 14 years. Need solar installation and service, or info on battery backup systems? We’ve got you covered. Whether you are planning to build your dream home, are concerned about doing your part for the environment, or simply want to tap into the savings that solar brings, we are happy to answer your questions and create a custom system to fit your needs.

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