It’s Lights Out for PG&E

In the last six months PG&E has increased their rates TWICE. During a global pandemic, with over 30 million people unemployed and everyone being forced to stay home (hello, higher usage), PG&E has forgone empathy and opted for greed by raising prices. 

Take back your power and control. When you go solar, you:

  • Help the environment.
  • Save money (in a lot of cases, solar pays for itself).
  • Get off of PG&E’s grid.

Plus, for the remainder of the year, you can take advantage of the 26% federal tax credit. Go one step further, bundling your solar with a battery storage system (to avoid power outages), and you’re talking about THOUSANDS of dollars coming back to you when you become energy independent. 

Stop giving PG&E money they don’t deserve.