At Synergy Power, we do more than just home solar. A local business discovered us while looking for ways to improve energy usage. Now, the company is on the road to saving $1.5 million in utility bills over the next 30 years—and helping the environment in the process. See the success story below or contact us today to talk about solar for your business. 

O & Y Precision is a machining and manufacturing business founded in 2002 by a local Bay Area family. Over the past 21 years, their combined drive and skills resulted in a booming business that required them to move into a massive 35,000-square-foot facility. 

To offset their costs, the family sought some long-term money-saving solutions. That’s when they decided to go solar—and found Synergy Power. Together, we created a commercial solar system that utilizes their building… and radically changed the way they do business. 

Annual Production: 110,940 kWh
System Size: 66.8 kW-DC
Materials: (167) Panasonic EverVolt EVPV300H panels + (1) SolarEdge SE100K inverter
Return on Investment (ROI): 799.5%
Estimated 30-Year Savings: $1,582,411
Yearly Savings: $34,649
Payback Period: 2.9 Years

With savings like this, the family has undoubtedly made the best decision for their company—while also benefiting the environment. If you’re interested in learning how we can do the same for your business, talk to us about going solar.

“We can’t express enough how great of a job Synergy Power did with our solar system. Being an owner of multiple businesses for decades, I can sincerely appreciate stellar service and they surpassed all expectations. From the very first meeting with Eric, to the ongoing updates from Syndy, to the final closure with Jason, [it] was business perfection.”

–M.K., Bay Area, CA

Do You Think You Know Solar?

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