Manage Your Power Better than Ever

SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter

Going solar means more than slapping some panels on your roof. You need a system that can manage your power needs in any situation—and keep you moving in the right direction. 

That’s why the SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter is the perfect complement to your solar power system. Here are three reasons why this inverter outshines the competition

#1: Live, detailed production and consumption monitoring. Seeing is saving. Use the SolarEdge energy meter to get detailed metrics about your energy consumption in real time. 

#2: Flexibility to expand your power network. Do you have a battery backup, an electric vehicle, and a generator? Will you want one in the future? Add features to this inverter as you grow. 

#3: Seamlessly stackable with backup batteries. Cover your backup power needs for a day or go on an extended vacation from the grid in luxury by adding as many batteries as you want. 

And it only gets better from there. With 90.8% overall system efficiency, this hub can save you money every day—and meet all your power needs for the future. Interested? Contact us and see how we can upgrade you to the SolarEdge system. 

P. S. Don’t Forget the Batteries! 

Fortify your system with power storage to match. The SolarEdge Energy Bank is a breakthrough battery that has industry-leading 94.5% round-trip efficiency—and it has the capacity to stack with inverters to power anything you need for as long as you want. Get ultimate freedom from the grid and forget outages for good. 

Power Up Your System