Spring Cleaning for Your Solar Panels

The sun is returning to California… finally. If you want to make sure your solar panels are ready for summer, schedule a cleaning with us or do it yourself. Watch this instructional video to see how it works—it’s easier than it looks!

We recommend cleaning your solar panels every one to two years. If your system is due for a scrub (and you want us to take care of it for you), contact us today.

3 Energy-Saving Tips for Homes & Small Businesses

With your solar panels working at peak production levels, the next step to saving money on power is to make your home as energy-efficient as possible. Here are three simple tips to get you started: 

  • Improve your temperature control. Seal air ducts, add insulation, and replace your windows. These upgrades will keep heat from escaping—or invading—your home or business. 
  • Be efficient with heating and cooling. Don’t allow your internal temperature to get to 85°F and then crank the thermostat back to 65°F. Maintain a consistent temperature to avoid overworking your air conditioning unit. 
  • Use eco-friendly electronics. Lighting, appliances, and water heating equipment can always be updated to more energy-efficient models. 

The best tip? Install renewable energy systems (like your solar panels!) and maintain them for peak production. For more about solar panel maintenance, check out our website