Summer Weather Brings Peak Solar Production

The seasons are changing—and in California, that usually means warmer, drier, and sunnier days. But as the sun goes down on winter weather, it’s time to remember what this means for your solar system and how to keep producing energy efficiently. 

How does the change in weather affect solar power production? It’s simple: 

  • Solar performs best from spring to fall. Like it says in the name, solar panels convert solar radiation (sunlight) into electrical energy. Therefore, when there are more hours of sunlight, the panels will generate more energy. 
  • Dirt, dust, and other seasonal debris obscure your panels. Just like on the windows of your home, panels get buildup that decreases your system’s overall production over time.
  • A clean solar panel array is an efficient solar panel. In fact, clean panels produce about 10–15% more power! We recommend this maintenance every one to two years. 

During summer, your panels will perform at their peak—as long as you’re keeping up on your maintenance regimen. Want to know more? Here are some helpful tips about solar panel maintenance.

How is your solar performing this year, Solar Family? Do you need more panels to keep up with your demand? Contact us and we’ll help you reach your energy goals. 

Master Solar Panel Maintenance


Cleaning your solar panels is an important step in routine maintenance. Thankfully, it’s also incredibly simple! If you would like to do the cleaning yourself, watch this video on how to polish up your panels or reach out to us to schedule a panel cleaning. Remember: this maintenance should be taken care of every one to two years. 

Wash Your Panels