Sleep Soundly With a Battery Backup

Little Kate sleeps soundly knowing her family's battery backup will keep the lights on.

“Daddy, I don’t want to be alone in the dark,” Kate told her dad tearfully. “I was so scared last time.” 

Children are often scared of what lurks in the night—and most of us remember a time when we were too. But a well-placed night light won’t do any good if your power goes out. 

Eric Piekarczyk, our CEO, knows this all too well. A few years ago, after a long California summer riddled with blackouts, he discovered that his 3-year-old daughter Kate had found her own way to deal with the issue: by sleeping with a flashlight under her pillow. 

Distraught, Eric knew he had to take action to make Kate feel safe. Now, thanks to their battery backup system, she sleeps soundly with her flashlight no longer in her bed—and the Piekarczyk family knows they’ll always be able to turn on the lights at night. 

If you don’t have a battery backup system, you’re living in that same fear that Kate did. When the grid goes down, you’ll be left in the dark scrounging for a flashlight, wishing you had done something about it sooner. 

You have the power to protect yourself—and your family—by talking to us about a battery backup that will keep your lights on through an outage. Whether you want a backup that will last you through the night or a system that frees you from the grid completely, we’ll make sure there’s always a light on for you and your family. 

Back Me Up


If you’re doing your research on battery backups, we’ve got you covered. We talked to David Norman from Discover Battery Solutions and created this FAQ video that will give your understanding a power boost. 

Still have questions? Contact us and we’ll figure out a power system that works for your needs. 

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