Your Emergency Checklist

Illustrates blackout emergency

A Battery Backup Keeps You Safe, Comfortable, and Prepared

It’s going to happen. 

The power will go out, throwing you into emergency mode. Instead of waiting for the inevitable and hoping everything will work out, it’s best to be prepared. The first step is preparing an emergency checklist—and Item #1 is obvious: a reliable battery backup for your solar-powered property.

We have a variety of backup batteries to keep your lights on, no matter what. Whether you’re looking for off-grid power storage that is completely independent of PG&E or a hybrid system that keeps the lights on during blackouts, we have the right battery backup to complement your solar power. 

Check out this side-by-side comparison chart of the battery backup systems we offer. Use it to figure out the best way to keep your lights on when PG&E inevitably powers down again.

Battery Comparison Chart

Of course, Synergy is always here to help you cross Item #1 off your emergency checklist. Once that’s done, you can stock up on toilet paper and bottled water to your heart’s content.

Be Prepared