Wall Street or Roof Top? Where Is My Money Safer?

 Freaky financial week, to say the least. Suddenly 2008 seems so…recent.

Why do we find it worth the risk to invest our money? Among the most common responses: Build/Increase wealth, provide long term financial security, and improve one’s life style. “Return on investment” has become a cliché, the idea being that you put your money out there somewhere, and it comes back bigger & stronger. It’s the ‘putting it out there somewhere’ that’s unpredictable. Sometimes the investment does return home bigger & stronger. Sometimes it gets beaten up & shaken down, and limps home shrunken & frail. Sometimes it gets lost & doesn’t come back at all. Kinda like that cat I rescued in 1989. And I stll miss him.

Recent developments collapsed savings, investments, even massive fortunes in a matter of hours and days. If any financial wizards saw it coming, they sure kept quiet. We’ve coined new clichés to alleviate anxiety: ‘It’ll bounce back. It always does.” “The sun will come up tomorrow.” “We got through ’08. We’ll get through this.” And so on.

For comparison, what about those who invested (yes, invested) in solar in 2008? And since?

1) The money isn’t ‘out there’, it’s up there. On the roof, and among some high yield dividends.

2) Solar is solid, literally and financially. The panels are anchored.They don’t slip (in value or on shingles), they don’t fall, and they don’t plunge. They produce. And you don’t have to worry that your money is being used to buy, sell, and/or do anything unsavory. Not dirty money. Just clean energy.

3) “The sun’ll come up tomorrow” isn’t a platitude, it’s a secure, predictable business model. Whatever mayhem is going on down here at Earth’s surface, the sun consistently saves money at percentage rates that stocks, mutual funds, & municipal bonds would be proud of but can’t guarantee.

We’ve been at this solar work for a while now. Looking back at looking up: Ask our 10-year customers if solar was an intelligent financial decision. Ask them if they’ve worried about fluctuating rates. Ask them what they did with the money they saved. Ask them if they know a guy. We may not be able to get you in the ground floor. But we’re confident you’ll do well getting us on the rooftop.