3 Ways a Battery Backup Can Save You Money

Do More with Your Solar

Solar power can be a great way to save money, support the environment, and keep your home running during a grid outage. But did you know that if you double down with a battery backup, you can save even more? 

Depending on your specific needs, here are three ways having a battery backup could improve your energy savings: 

  1. Provide power during an outage. If you live in an area that has numerous outages or rolling blackouts, a common setting is to have your battery fully charged (100%) in case of emergencies. Nothing saves you money like not having to throw out a whole refrigerator’s worth of food! 
  2. Discharge during peak hours. You can also have the battery provide power to your home during peak hours. The solar will charge the battery during the day and then discharge power to your home during the evening hours, allowing you to avoid the grid when it’s most expensive. (Plus, you can still have a percentage of power reserved for emergencies based on your preferences.)
  3. Support your energy needs. With most systems, you can have your battery match your daily consumption needs—thus significantly reducing the amount of electricity purchased from the grid. Simply put, when you use more power than your solar is producing, the battery steps in to help compensate.  

Batteries are beneficial for more than just bridging the gap between blackouts. If you’re ready to back up your solar system with a battery—contact us. We’ll make sure to pair you with the right battery for your lifestyle.