Customizing Your Solar

Your energy needs are unique. So when it comes to getting solar for your home, it’s important to get exactly what you need—and nothing you don’t. 

That’s why at Synergy Power, we always create custom design proposals instead of a small, medium, or large generalized proposal that may not suit your family’s needs. Whether you’re powering a small home in the hills or a bustling business in the city, we want to ensure we build a system that is correctly sized for you. And when your needs change, we can adjust for that too. 

Plus, when creating your custom proposal, we use cutting-edge solar design software like HelioScope, which takes into account the tilt, pitch, azimuth, and shading history of your roof—which is extremely important when designing your custom system. (Want to learn more? Watch our video to see the design process!)

Get a personalized proposal today to see how we can create a tailor-made solar energy system that works the way you need it. 


Meet Your System Designer Anna Locke

As our inside sales consultant and system designer, Anna plays a big role in getting your personalized proposal. She helps plan out your system based on the amount of energy your family consumes. Born in England, Anna has been living in the Bay Area for over 20 years. She’s very outdoorsy and loves animals, especially her pets. When she’s not out adventuring, she likes to go line dancing and do CrossFit. 

Anna also enjoys keeping up with the latest solar and power storage trends, and she’s determined to help her community go green. Thanks for your passion and service, Anna!