Inflation Reduction Act Secures a Greener Future for All

Get more green for your clean energy.

Solar power users are celebrating a win for green energy—and keeping more green in their pockets. 

This month, the US government passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which introduces $369 billion in budgeted energy and climate spending. It aims to increase US energy independence as well as lower clean energy costs for all Americans. In fact, $9 billion has been allotted to consumer home energy rebate programs alone. 

What does this mean for consumers? Our solar investment tax credits for your year of purchase have been raised from 26% to 30%—and secured for all new buyers for the next 10 years. Plus, people who go solar in 2022 will receive an extra 4% back on their purchase. That means you can count on more money in your pocket today and for the next decade. 

This is a huge win for the environment and the clean energy industry too, with goals to have solar energy account for 30% of US electricity by 2030. Incentives will also abound under the IRA to spur other emissions-free energy initiatives. 

Want to learn more about this ground-breaking legislation? Let’s talk about capitalizing on clean energy—and check out these other benefits of going solar.

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