Why California Electric Vehicle Owners Should Charge with Solar

What do the environment, the HOV lane, and your wallet all have in common since you bought your electric vehicle (EV)? They’re all a little greener. Now you can make that shade of green even greener by switching to solar-power at home. But you should know why going solar is worth the financial investment – and why it’s just one of the benefits of going solar in California.

Why Solar-Powered EV Charging Is the Way to Go in California

Why should you use solar-powered EV charging at home when you can just use a standard home electrical outlet? Consider the following:

Solar powered EV charging is cheaper. Your gas bill dropped after your EV purchase, but your electricity bill went up. Truth be told, a lot of EV owners are basically swapping their gas payments for electricity payments.  A Castro Valley solar power user dropped his utility payment by 90% by switching to solar power. Even if charging your EV takes up just a portion of your electricity bill, why wouldn’t you want to potentially drop that cost by 90%?

Solar powered EV charging can be faster. If you charge your EV with a standard home electrical outlet, it can take anywhere between 15-75 hours to fully charge depending on the battery size, how fast the battery can take the charge, and the amperage of the circuit. Newer solar-powered EV charging units such as the SolarEdge EV charger can fully charge an EV in as little as an hour and a half when its “solar boost mode” is maxed out.

Solar powered EV charging is greener. Electricity has been created through coal and petroleum burning for the last two centuries. Even though now there are cleaner ways of producing electricity, such as with water and wind turbines, solar power’s (lack of an) environmental footprint would go a long way in protecting our planet.

California EV Owners: Solar Saves You Money

Because high-load electricity consumers pay more per kilowatt hour than typical electricity consumers, the fact is clear: if you have an electric vehicle, your electricity costs will be significantly lower if you switch to solar power. Solar powered EV charging at home will take all types of green to the next level. Just like an EV commute from Santa Rosa to Berkeley will be different than a trip from the Tri-Valley to Palo Alto, you as a solar power user need the right solution for your particular needs. We can help.

We’re proud to offer solar installation to our customers from North Bay to Central Valley and beyond. If you’re curious about how much you can save by switching to solar, don’t wonder – give us a shout. We’re happy to answer your questions about the benefits of going solar in California, and help get you started on saving money (and the environment).