Pros And Cons of Going Off the Grid

As electricity costs rise higher and higher, the idea of completely cutting ties with your electric company may sound more and more attractive. Going solar is a big step toward greater savings on your utilities, but for some, going off the grid is the ultimate goal. If you’re a home or business owner who’s made the switch to solar, is going off the grid the right choice for you? Freedom from electric bills and being totally autonomous when it comes to energy needs are worthy goals, but there are factors you may want to consider before making an informed decision. 

The Price of Freedom

While it may sound attractive, completely disconnecting from the grid isn’t a practical or economical option for most people. Solar panels don’t generate power 24/7, so homeowners or businesses that are off the grid need to install solar batteries to store extra solar energy for the hours and days when the sun isn’t shining. Adding a battery backup for emergencies is a smart investment that every solar household should seriously consider. But adding multiple batteries to your solar system to sustain all of your normal day-to-day usage is an expensive endeavor. It can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars unless your home or business is very small and energy-efficient. Reconsidering your energy habits can help. Changes could be made to reduce the amount of energy you use, maximizing your stored energy and minimizing the number of batteries necessary to keep your home or business running. 

If you stay connected to the grid, essentially the grid acts as a massive backup battery that you don’t have to install, finance or maintain.

Advantages to Off-Grid Solar

Despite the steep initial investment of an off-grid solar energy system, there are definite advantages that can make it the optimal choice for you. Going off the grid and having your own independent energy system ensures you will always have power – even if there are outages in your area. Inclement weather or scheduled grid shut-offs that may cause outages lasting days or weeks would no longer be a cause for concern. 

Relying solely on environmentally-friendly solar power is a huge draw for many too. Like many renewable energy resources, an off-grid solar system is a clean, “green” alternative that helps to keep the environment unspoiled. If your business is founded on living sustainably, practicing what you’re passionate about by committing to off-grid solar energy can be a big draw for like-minded customers. 

Not to be overlooked is the fact that, after financing the set-up of your off-grid system, your energy costs will be dramatically reduced for the life of your system. True independence from utility costs can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. 

Count the Costs

If you’ve been thinking about going off-grid, taking careful consideration of your power consumption, daily habits, and budget can help you determine if it’s right for you. At Synergy Power, we have the team to help you realize your off-grid solar goals. Call us today for a solar system consultation. 

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