Synergy Power is Livermore’s Premier Solar Provider

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The word “home” can conjure up a variety of images.  Whether you’re from a big city or a country town, you are shaped by the place you grew up in a way that stays with you for the rest of your life.  As for us here at Synergy Power, we couldn’t be prouder that our roots are right here in Livermore. 

Solar Based in Livermore, California

Livermore is rich with charm and traditional values that have aged like a fine wine.  We love living in a town that treasures relics from the past like Vine Cinema and its vintage films.  We admire the determination of the cowboys hanging on for bragging rights down at the rodeo.  We’re inspired by the research and developers at the Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Labs whose technological innovations remind us to never stop improving.

Synergy Power has been based here in Livermore for over 16 years.  That means 16 years of experience in not only knowing the ins and outs of solar energy, but also knowing the people and communities that we are serving.  Because we live and work right here, we are aware of the current events regarding wildfires, PG&E Net Metering adjustments, and local building code updates as they happen.  Keeping a pulse on what is happening locally is one way we can preserve our hometown values.  As a small business, we are able to deliver personal attention in customer service that is all-to-often lacking with larger companies.  At the same time, we ensure our team is capable of confidently addressing all aspects of construction and maintenance.

Synergy Power Focuses on Service

Our installers specialize in solar panel installation.  It’s our primary service.  Focusing our operation in this way has enabled us to become very skilled at assessing the energy usage of each household or business we work with.  We work with you to design a solar panel array and discuss the benefits of installing a solar storage battery back-up system.  Our trusted suppliers include names such as Panasonic, Generac, and NeoVolta

Our team is NABCEP Certified, ensuring that we are meeting the gold standard for solar PV installation.  With experience in both construction and electrical work, we are an all-in-one company that does not rely on subcontractors to complete the job.  This means clear communication at every stage of the job and an accurate time frame that won’t fluctuate with the schedule of a third-party.  From design and engineering, to obtaining permits and installation, to off-site monitoring and routine maintenance, we will take care of your project from A to Z.

Why Choose Solar in Livermore?

Why is Synergy Power dedicated solely to solar energy?  We see the real and immediate benefits that going solar can bring — not only for Livermore, or even Northern California, but for everyone!  Over the years, we have seen how substantially reducing a utility bill can improve the quality of life for a family or enable a business to reach that next tier of growth.  

Achieving independence from the public grid through the use of solar storage batteries has given countless of our customers peace of mind knowing that they will not be affected by blackouts.  And each solar array that we install represents another step away from using harmful fossil fuels, moving instead towards choosing sustainable solar power.  Helping people save money, save their sanity, and save the planet … it’s an easy choice.  It’s not just our business; it’s our passion.  Give us a call to start your switch to solar today.