Why Your Northern California Business Should Go Solar

Though the economy is growing faster in Northern California than other parts of the country, succeeding in business is not an easy task. But as a savvy businessperson, you are working hard to make your investments a success. Of course, you know one of the most effective ways to make the bottom line work is to reduce overhead. Going solar can do just that. How can you give yourself a raise by going solar? Let’s examine the facts.

Savings by Going Solar in Northern California


The fact is, there are several financial advantages to switching from an electric provider to solar power. Consider just a few:

When you think about it, the government is practically paying you to go solar. For this reason alone, many businesses in the Bay Area take the plunge. But besides the obvious financial advantages, there are other ways that solar is good for business.

Going Solar is Good Marketing

Whether you operate from the Mother Lode to San Francisco, implementing solar energy gives you as a business owner a powerful marketing tool: the “green” effect. You actively demonstrate to your customers that your business cares about the environment. (This can hardly be a more powerful tool than in the Bay Area, where consumers are fiercely eco-conscious.) In the mind of the consumer, your product is better for the environment; therefore, it’s a better choice.

Let your customers know how much CO2 you have offset, or how many trees you’ve equivalently planted by installing a kiosk in your entrance, or placing the information on your website. By using the positive marketing power of solar, you can in a powerful way, draw eco-conscious customers to you.

Solar Power Gives you a Competitive Advantage

Set your business apart from your competition in other ways.  Your competitive advantage can begin because with solar, you’re not wasting cash on energy bills. If you’re not using solar, you’re letting the utility company upsell you. Instead, drastically lower your energy costs and still be connected to the grid.

Many employees are also proud of the fact that their employer uses solar energy. This can give you an advantage as well. You can empower your employees with the knowledge that their company has gone solar and increase morale and employee loyalty.

How Going Solar can Work for Business

Many California gas stations these days see the competitive advantage in using solar energy. And why shouldn’t they? The building already has a huge canopy, ready to be fitted with solar panels. Why not put that space to good use and install a solar energy system? In short order, the system will have paid for itself, leaving you as a business owner with more net revenue in your pocket.

For those who lease professional office space, there is an additional financial advantage in going solar.  By adding solar energy to your office building, you can charge per square foot, including utilities in the price. Offer a gross or full-service lease, thereby increasing your profits. Tenants appreciate the simplicity, and you’ll appreciate the additional revenue.

Northern California Companies: Go Solar

When you operate a successful business, you care about your staff and customers while paying attention to financial balance. One way to steady that balance is to make your roof serve more than one purpose: protect from the elements, and decrease your energy costs. Now you know that drastically reducing your energy costs can be a simple, but very smart move. At Synergy Power, we can help your business reach succeed on a new level by going solar. We proudly serve the San Jose, Stockton, Concord, Livermore, and surrounding areas. Reach out to us to get started in going solar and saving money.